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03 October 2009 @ 07:53 pm
so ive gotten bored of my old layout. i have changed it! :D
its so prettyyyy. i wish i could make layouts like this. *sigh*

credit: butterflybox

btw, im going to kaleb nation's book signing tomorrowwww!~
yeyyyy. im so excited. ^_^

shameless plug
i just like making new blogs. :] hehe

27 September 2009 @ 10:07 am
i don't know why everyone likes vampire diaries. :/
maybe it's just the tv show. i haven't read the books.

first of all, i do not see the chemistry between the two main characters. its more like giggles and smiles. thats great and all but i dont see any connection. even though i love the girl who plays elena, it doesnt work for me.
second, i would tolerate this if the guy was hot. i do not think he is hot at all. sure, he might be brooding. but he looks too old to be a vampire pretending to be in high school.
third, it was very boring. i kept looking at the clock every two minutes  to see how much time had past. the vampire guy just pops out of nowhere like a creepystalker and just stares at elena.
reenactment of every meeting:
vampire guy: *Pops out of nowhere*
elena: ahhh. ohmygosh you scarez meh
vampire guy: sorries.
elena: *smiles*
vampire guy: *smiles*
elena: *giggles*
vampire guy: *smiles, brood*
elena: meh parentz diez zis summer
vampire guy: you has blood on you.
elena: ohz
vampire guy: kay wellz ih going to go suck somebodiez blood so ih can't have to killz you. kbai

fourth of all, while i was half way through watching the first episode, my computer froze. i blame vampire diaries. i stopped watching it after that. i didnt want to finish the episode anyway >_>

05 September 2009 @ 02:39 am
wellll, im halfway through my reading assignment for that big ass history book! :DD imma try to finish it tomorrow when i go to the beachhh. i can't go swimming anyway. its just that time of month again. and it came only half a month after the last one? what the shiz?

ANYWAY, no more talking about that.

i go on like every one of kaleb nation's blogtv's. they are so fun o.O
he responds to most of the things i say. it was weird. but cool. hehe.
im just a loser like that.

so oh my goshhh. i started a new bloggg. but its not very interesting. i just have it so i can blog about my thoughts on all the books i read. :/ very anti-climatic. but if you're bored, then head right on over lol. theres not really much there yet...


so yeah. im just peachy. start school in like... 5days? i havent even gone back to school shopping yettt. ahhhh. but im getting a haircut before school starts :D

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29 August 2009 @ 07:41 pm
1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
2. Find the lyrics for the first four verses/chorus
3. Go to Google translation and translate the lyrics from English into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song
7. Tag eight friends. I tag whoever wants to do this. 

hint; song from wide awake playlistCollapse )
29 August 2009 @ 08:02 am
so i have a little over a week to finish all my school work. shiiiiiiiiiiiitttt. hmmmm. im such a procrastinator its not even funny. ummm, pray for me?

anyway, i stayed up all night and its like 8AM already. not really tired just stiff. i guess ive been reading fanfics all night. i shouldve been doing my summer reading... but apparently its 'so boring i want to gouge my eyes out' as said by one of my friends. but im gonna try to read it today as much as i can. its not hard but its really long.. and about world history.

so anyway, i got my first babysitting job. woohoo. one of my neighbors recommended me to a new family in town. they're from south florida. and the couple's son is like 2. i watched him last night but he was already asleep. they really just need me to be there in case something happens. i got $30 yayy. lol.

damn. im HUNGRY. like seriously my stomach is starting to growl at me...

i also had a camp out with my friends in my backyard like on wednesday. it was a total fail though because it started raining at 3 in the morning. we were sleeping on my trampoline because me and my friend made a sort of tent out of it. and we were up talking about random shit... then i start to feel a little drizzle coming through the sheets, otherwise known as the top of our tent. so we immediately started gathering our stuff and went back inside. we were quite efficient about it too lol. i would give more details but im really hungry right now and want food.

26 August 2009 @ 02:46 am
Title: Music To My Ears
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward
Summary: Bella moves to Forks, not expecting to do much. However, Edward discovers a secret talent about her. (BLAH. I don't know where this is going so yeah... bad summary.)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight... SMeyer does.
Notes: Sorry that I keep posting these late in the night. I just have nothing else to do lol. Oh, and review! :]

 | Ch.1
25 August 2009 @ 05:11 am

Title: Music To My Ears
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward
Summary: It's an interesting plot line. Can't really describe it so I can't give an accurate summary. You'll just have to read.
Rating: T? It'll have some cursing. And mature topics. But I know you guys can handle it. ;D
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, sadly.
Notes: There will be little hints along the way about what'll happen. But don't get too worked up because the first chapter doesn't reveal all the hints. ;] Please review. I will love you forever for the feedback.


09 August 2009 @ 10:21 pm
im finally in west virginia! yay. im here to visit my relatives who i havent seen in like a year. so me and my mom went without my brother since he had to work. i couldnt go to sleep so i stayed up until 5am, got one hour of sleep, woke up at 6am, drove to the train station, and boarded the train at 7:15am. now this is one of those trains that stops at a lot of cities. this one would ultimately end up in chicago but it went south and then looped back north. so i basically did nothing on the train. i tried sleeping, i read a little, i played games on my laptop, and listened to music. but thats about it. the rest of the time i was staring out the window at nothing lol. and after i ate lunch from the food cart, i started getting a stomach cramp and it hurt like a biznotch. i took pepcid (sp?) and it tastes pretty good haha. i ate dinner and it eventually went away. by this time, we expected to be at our stop but the train was behind schedule by an hour and a half. BLAH. so i did more nothing. with no cell phone service. with no internet. and creepy kids sitting across the aisle. but we finally made itt. :D the town was basically deserted and my grandparents came to pick us up. my grandpa is a really slow driver and it was so funny cause he just stopped in the middle of the road to point out something new in the town. it didnt matter though cause there were like no cars around and no police. he did that a lot.

anyway, will update everyone. im trying to work on my history project, learn chinese, write a story, and do chores in 10 days. whoopee!

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06 August 2009 @ 05:59 pm
so i havent read wide awake ever since it switched over to lj. idk why. i do that sometimes when im reading long series. i just get tired from the long run and take a break. and then never recover from the break haha. so i decided to start over with it because i seriously fucking love it. i forgot how i much i loved it. so yeah. i started staying up all night being bored and shit. around 4am i was reminded of the series so i was like why not? ill stay up all night reading it again. LOL. ironic. i got to like chapter 15 by 9am and i decided to just get some sleep. it wasnt like i was terribly exhausted i just figured i would need the sleep later. and yeah. i get chills and tingles like every chapter. :] LOVE IT. hehe

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05 August 2009 @ 08:35 pm
Let me just start off saying this: Organization was a complete mess. I was one of the people who didn't really recognize this fact at this time or really think about it. However, a lot of people were upset by the lack of organization and many other problems. Sure, I had some problems and I didn't get to do that much stuff but I just rolled with it.

When I arrived on Friday, it was around 2PM and breakout sessions were ending at 5PM. When we were at register check in, they couldn't find my mom because when my dad registered me, he didn't realize he had to pay for the chaperone, too. Okay, so it wasn't entirely his fault. I didn't realize either and thought the chaperone was free. :P So we went to get her registered. We walked around vendor hall and bought a couple things, including tickets to the concert that night. OH, and I saw Craig from EIP walking with his camera crew in vendor hall when we were starting to get registered but I obviously couldn't just go off and stalk him. lmao. So after that, it didn't give me time to do much or make some friends so I ended up missing out on those except for a panel on Film Adaption and how the books were transferred to screen. Me and my mom also got kinda lost when looking for the room it was in lol. It was pretty interesting and fun. I sat there alone which I really wasn't suppose to since I'm under 18 but my mom had to go do some work in the hotel room. Haha. It went from 3:30 - 5PM I think so after I went to get dinner. We ordered room service and rested from the travel that morning. Then we went down to the concert and saw Mitch Hansen band, The National Rifle, and 100 Monkeys!! It was exciting. They had such strict rules though. This event was when I started realizing there are a lot of rules there. If you were on my dance floor (in front of the stage) you had to stay there. Or you could go sit down but you couldn't go back onto the dance floor. You also couldn't video tape or take flash photography which is a pain when it's dark as hell in there. I didn't really like the Mitch Hansen band. The National Rifle was more fun. The bassist whips his head all around and I'm surprised he hadn't gotten whiplash. He's like the buff dude who takes off his shirt and gets all sweaty the first song hahaha. Now, 100 Monkeys was truly amazing. They had the best music out of all three. Of course, they have Jackson, too, and he was GORGEOUS. My definition of gorgeous is facial hair and big ol' glasses. Hehe. I'm short so it was kinda hard to see over everyone but Jackson is really, truly, and most definitely the most gorgeous person ever. <333 At the end of the concert which was like 4 hours, my feet hurt like shiz. I bought a couple tshirts, one from National Rifle and the other from 100 Monkeys. I also bought the Live 100 Monkeys CD. I thought the 100 Monkeys were going to come out for the signing but apparently they weren't. I later found out today that they didn't come out because they, Twicon or whoever, wanted to charge $20 an autograph but Jackson refused to charge for autographs so he didn't do it. Even though he didn't come out, I thought it was really sweet that he didn't want to charge his fans.

The next day I woke up at like 9AM and went to the movie screening from 10AM-12PM. It was lovely. :) I didn't have breakfast that morning so my mom wanted to go get lunch but I said I wanted to stay around because they started lining up for seating for the Cast Q&A. So she left and I stayed. Again, I wasn't suppose to stay by myself but no one noticed with all the hoopla. Yeah, I just said hoopla. The space in front of the hall was packed with all the people because it wasn't a ticketed event. They seat you according to when you bought the registration. I bought my registration very early so I turned out being #115 (stated on my badge). This is VERY low out of all the 2500 registrants. So I was REALLY excited because I would be closer up than most people. So we all got into disorganized lines starting around 12:15. hahaha. It took a long time to get everyone into their lines. I was in the line where the #100-199 people had to be. We were the second line to go in and that's very good considering there were like more than 10 other lines needed to be seated. I ended up sitting in the like 6 or 7th row but it was all the way on the left end by the aisle. It wasn't that good of a seat because it was all the way to the side. The two girls in front of me even complained. I wasn't going to give the volunteers any BS though. So the seating took forever. During the time of the seating, the speaker was like drilling into our heads a hundred times that there was no flash photography. I was like "WE GET IT. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP." We were suppose to start the event at 12:30pm but it ended up starting around 1PM. It was suppose to be an hour long thing but ended up being a half hour. AND I SAW CRAIG AND ALLEN AGAIN! I was too much of a wimp to speak up and talk to them though. :[ They were standing like two feet away from me in the aisle, talking to a volunteer because Craig received a phone call from an unknown person. He couldn't hear what her name was on the phone but they were trying to figure out who it was. (No it wasn't a prank call. It was a legit phone call because they apparently needed him for something.) I even made a shirt that said "cause craig is badass." It was under the National Rifle shirt I was wearing just in case I saw him but I'M A WIMP. I can't do anything by myself. *sigh*Anyway, the cast definitely made the Q&A worth it. And volunteers started yelling at people who were videotaping but they never said we couldn't so WTF. There was Peter, Jackson, Alex, Kellan, Billy, and Christian. They were so funny and sweet. They made a bunch of jokes about the pads and pens they got on the table and started making paper airplanes with their autograph on them. They shot a few of them into the crowd. Peter even took one airplane and started flying it around the whole room. I can't even IMAGINE how terrifying that must have been for him because almost everyone who registered was there. When the time was up, they were shocked it was so short.

But they had to start the photo ops and the Meet and Greet right after that. I didn't go to those because I hadn't bought a photo ticket with one of the cast and I didn't have a ticket for the M&G either. (You had to buy like everything.) I read on the Twicon forums that many people were upset by how these events went. Apparently the lines were way long and the actors handlers were WAY RUDE and tried to rush everything. Of course, the actors were way too kind and tried to play by their own rules. They genuinely cared about the fans and interacting with them. It was so sweet to hear all the fans' stories on the forums. I really wish I could've met some of them. So it sounded like the photogs were out of control too. Oh, I just remembered that the photogs were in the morning. haha. But the same things still happened. What i meant was that after the Q&A there was the autograph sessions. Now they said EVERYONE should've gotten a free autograph ticket at registration but I never got mine and I didn't know I was suppose to get one until after it was done. But still they ran out of them that morning so I was pretty fricken pissed. But I heard Kellan and Peter stayed after to finish the line when they were suppose to go to the M&G. Both events I heard had horrible handlers and volunteers but the cast was still as sweet as ever. They even started apologizing for how badly they were being treated. They didn't even do anything wrong but it was so nice. They tried to make it up for them even when their handlers were yelling at them.

So during the time of all these events, I bought tickets to the 100 Monkey concert that night so I could get Jackson's autograph. I refused to leave Twicon without a single autograph and seeing Jackson up close. And don't worry, I also ate some food during this time. :) So at 6PM, we took a taxi to the Palladium where they were playing and waited an hour for the autograph signing to start. We got in but had to wait another 20-30 minutes for them to start. The signing was free and they also gave us a free CD! :D It was a 100 Monkeys signing but I brought a headshot of Jackson to sign only. My mom got the CD signed by the whole band for me. :) He was SO BEAUTIFUL when I saw him. We really couldn't speak to them because it was a looooong line and it was so loud with the music playing. We couldn't take photos either so I just settled for the autograph and the chance to see him up close. <3 GORGEOUS I TELL YOU!!! The concert started soon. The 100 Monkeys were still signing but a band started it off. They were called Dovetail and pretty good. Their keyboardist were hottt. But not as hot as Jackson. ;) Then National Rifle came on and sometime between Dovetail and The National Rifle, I think the signing was over. Yes, there was the sweaty buff guy again hahaha. I was much closer to the stage than the night before and I was very thankful for that. My camera battery was also running low so I saved it until 100 Monkeys came on. Again, 100 Monkeys rocked the night. They were so fun and interacted with the fans a lot. They even made up a song on the spot called Peeping Tom. (They chose the best idea from the crowd, which was Peeping Tom haha.) Jackson said he just had to sing it and boy, was he AMAZING. He was so into it, it was crazy. One song, there was this line he repeated a couple times "You are my darling" and I swear, he was looking right in my direction. I almost MELTED. Even if it wasn't directly at me, it was in my general area. But I still like to think he was looking at me. ;) Damn, he is fine. As the night went on, there was this REALLY TALL girl like in front of me but I edged over so I can see around her. She left so I got to go up more and see better. Yay. They two MORE girls left and I was really happy because I was like two people behind the rail. There was also this short girl next to me and I could tell she was happy too haha. Well, even if she was short, she was over 21. (You can tell by the bracelets because there was a bar inside.) So I'm declaring that 100 Monkeys is now one of my favorite bands live. They are really phenomenal and if you get the chance, GO SEE THEM IN CONCERT! You will NOT be disappointed. They are so amazing. I did not regret ditching the Volturi Ball for it. I didn't really have a fancy gown anyway. lol. So it ended around 11:30PM and we shared a taxi with some other people. (Hey, it's expensive to get around.) There was an hour left in the ball but I was way too tired to go check it out. That was the end of the awesome night. :)

The next day, I slept in until like 11AM haha. So we basically missed the Farewell Breakfast. We just went to the cafe downstairs for lunch. Since the convention was over and most of the people checked out that day, we just stayed in our room and watched movies. It was way too hot to walk around the city. So we just rested the whole day. lol. I think I only ate like twice that whole convention. It's not like I was starving but when you're at one of these things, you just don't get hungry. All your mind is thinking about is the next event haha.

At the time, I thought I had a pretty good time. But now that I think about it, it really wasn't worth the money. All of people think the same. I was probably just oblivious to everything going on around me. I don't know if I'll go next year. There are going to be two this time though that are smaller. One in Vegas and one in Vancouver. I just don't want to spend a bunch of money and be disappointed again. Maybe I'll just go to TwiTour. It's a lot more successful and there's one close in New Jersey next summer. What do you think? Give Twicon another chance or not?

By the way, sorry there weren't a lot of juicy details haha. I didn't do much. I wish I did though. :/