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30 July 2009 @ 09:06 pm
i got a new layout. ^_^ its pretty awesome. credit to butterflybox for the layout and minty_peach  for the banner.

also, theres this new movie coming out called Paper Hearts. idk if you heard about it but i went to their official website and they had this MASH thing. i was like ohemgee. so i took it and my life turned out pretty good. XD heres the screen shot:

twicon tomorrow. FINALLY. :)
28 July 2009 @ 12:18 am
okay. so im bored as shit. i dont feel like going to sleep. and i havent posted in like 4 days. so im doing this thing even if it kills me.

Dark/white/milk chocolate. Chose one.
milk or white. my friend calls me white chocolateee. (not cause im white. im obviously asian)

Your favourite flavour of toothpaste is?
mint? lol

When I say baking soda, you say:
baking powderr

What creeps you out?
suspicious white vans that say FREE CANDY

What colour is your front door?

How about the bathroom walls?
mom:white&tan tiles
dad:white tiles

How long do you have until your birthday?
like 7 monthsss?

this shit is way to long without a cut.Collapse )
23 July 2009 @ 04:26 pm
me and kiki be having a party on aim. you better come right naooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~
21 July 2009 @ 12:54 pm
heyyyyyyy! IM BACK. :]
livejournal will be ignored no longer! i actually have time to surf the internet now. :D
so how is everyone's summers so far? 
wasnt harry potter beast??? ;D

anyway, i gots an aim for you pplz who wanted me to get one. ^_^
its xxnomnomxx
hehe. IM me. NAO.

01 July 2009 @ 07:41 am
so its my second day here at georgetown. i know it's really too early to tell but i dont know if im going to have that much fun. most of the people here are spoiled rich kids because they can afford this place more easily than middle class people like me can. they're nice on the outside but very exclusive. like wtff. i dont really care though because all they do is gossip really loudly. seriously, its the summer, they should be relaxing and having fun instead of talking about people behind their backs. but its not like im alonee. i found one person who's nice :). her roommate is nice too but a little... eh. i wont go into details. (shes spoiled. but nice enough.)

sooooo. im going to dinner soon and then to bowling. yayy.
and dude, no one likes bowling. i like it even though im not that good. :P
these people will probably need life coaches

(i wrote the previous passages earlier in the day)
so i just got back from bowling. i basically bowled for my entire group because they suck and dont like bowling. :P
i totally failed though. i got like 100 gutter balls and only 2 strikes and 1 spare.
i still havent posted this yet but its the next day now... just got back from watching transformers. it was ok... i was really confused because i was so out of it and tired. the events were kinda random(like national treasure) and the other guy was a really pointless character. all he did was get tazed or freak out...
im reallyyyyyyy tired so im going to sleep now. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
ugh i still didnt get to post it... my roommate walked in so i just closed the laptop. ummm so yeah. good morning :)

24 June 2009 @ 09:45 am
SCHOOL IS DONE! yeyyyy. busy week partying and all that stuff. packing today with help from my friends. :)

REGINA SPEKTOR ALSO HAS A NEW ALBUM! ahhhhhhhhhh. i love her music. :D
if you dont know her, you should look her up. shes amazing! :]

anyway, i have to finish making this bracelet for my brother by tomorrow... oops. :P i barely started it lol.
and sorry to amber and lions that i havent read their fic yet. ive been sooo excited for summer and actually relaxing in a long time. so ill definitely read&review it by the time i go to georgetown.

lots of love <3
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21 June 2009 @ 07:03 pm
my life is pretty good. not going to lie. i always have something going on like drama, but no. everything is mellow. :) 
my friends are the best. im graduating. and i got sims 3. haha.
pretty much love life right now... hmmmm.

so im going to georgetown in like a week for sleepaway camp. im going to miss all my friends since ill be gone 3 weeks. then theres a week break before i go to texas for twicon. then i might go down to the shore for a week in august. rest of the time, ill be hanging out with my friends.

also, i know a lot of you are going through my drama... so if you need to talk, im here. :)
i havent talked to yall in a while. maybe we should have a meebo party? i miss those. :[


ps my grandma is being creepy and looking at me typing. like WTF. she cant even read the screen because she's like blind. :P
seriously, shes really annoying. i think im going to go upstairs instead of staying down here..
or rather, ill play some more sims 3. :]
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18 June 2009 @ 11:44 pm
ummm. so my phone died. like for good. the software or something crashed. :[ i cant get any of my contacts now. so i went to get a new phone. i got the enV touch. its pretty cool. i changed the number too (which sucks since i have to get everyone's numbers and give them my new one). :/ i was gonna get my dad's old iphone, but he dropped that in water. and now its broken. and he thought the new iphone came out yesterday but its actually tomorrow. plus, the apple store in the mall is closed for renovation until june 26. WTF. bad luck galore or what? although its not as important as other issues around the world, i thought id share that story with you. now im tired.

good thing is, they put an urban outfitters in the mall :D
i got my shoes for my graduation dress there. they're shiny and gold. ^_^

we should totally text each other. but thats the kind of thing a creeper would ask. so ill just stick to the internet. lol

i also promise to read keri&amber's fic soon. i just had a long day... ill also review it. on each chapter. YEP. so thats five guaranteed reviews right there. :D

also, this was my afternoon today:

(clicky click it for a bigger image)


ps im trying to sync my music to my phone but i think im going to kill it since i have so much music... actually 649 songs. but who's counting? its not much but apparently it is for my phone. i better stop it... 
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18 June 2009 @ 05:43 pm
soooo.. as you can see, or not (if your on your friends' page), i got a new layout. :D
its pretty awesome. dont you love the banner too? <33

credit to minty_peach  for layout
i dont remember where i got the banner from though... sorry :P

so, i got a 42 out of 40 on my social studies brochure. :D
i also got a 105 on my lab reporttt  ^_^!!!! i got 5 extra points, but if no one in the class got extra points, i would have the highest score because i would have 100.! i cant believe i actually got a perfect lab. its my prized posession now. but i dont think im gonna see it again... my teacher took it back (probably to enter the grades) and i wont see her until graduation. i also deleted the document... WAIT. i only put it in the trash. its probably still in there... :)

by the way... THREE MORE DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL! we have no more classes because tomorrow, we have graduation rehearsal. on monday, we rehearse again. then we have graduation later that day. and tuesday is our last day. YAY!
can't wait for this summer.  :]
unfortunately, i wont see my friends that much.. :/
SADNESS. but i have you guys, right? RIGHT?!

what are you guys doing this summer??


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14 June 2009 @ 11:07 pm
have you guys noticed that ever since we left HGE, the posts on HGE dont get a lot of comments? except for the occasional special event posts.
i guess those comments were mostly us... haha. :P 

oh and i just have to finish the next ch of the J&A series. i totally forgot about that. sorry :/
i also posted the first chapter to a new story.. its based on a true story. you should check it out. :)
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