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06 August 2009 @ 05:59 pm
wide awake marathon... literally  
so i havent read wide awake ever since it switched over to lj. idk why. i do that sometimes when im reading long series. i just get tired from the long run and take a break. and then never recover from the break haha. so i decided to start over with it because i seriously fucking love it. i forgot how i much i loved it. so yeah. i started staying up all night being bored and shit. around 4am i was reminded of the series so i was like why not? ill stay up all night reading it again. LOL. ironic. i got to like chapter 15 by 9am and i decided to just get some sleep. it wasnt like i was terribly exhausted i just figured i would need the sleep later. and yeah. i get chills and tingles like every chapter. :] LOVE IT. hehe

Current Mood: awakewide awake
Current Music: carnival by natalie merchant